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With the PS5 coming up, there's a lot of JRPGs that can be played while you wait. Here are 10 games, including Dot Hack, you can play!


It's almost time for the next generation of consoles to launch, and a ton of games have come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Before you jump ship to the Playstation 5, though, there are some games that JRPG fans need to play. 

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In the last few years, JRPGS have improved and made their way to being some of the top-selling games around the world, breaking out of the niche status that they once had. Fans of the genre, anime, and manga may have missed a few key releases in the last few years. Below are ten JRPGs that fans should play before the launch of the PS5.

10 Dot Hack//G.U. Last Recode

Dot Hack is a franchise that has been going strong since the early 2000's when the first set of games and their accompanying anime debuted. Dot Hack//G.U. Last Recode collects all three of the games from the G.U. franchise and rounds it off with a short fourth chapter.

The series follows rogue PKK Haseo as he searches for Tri-Edge, an AI that puts his friend into a coma. Filled with rage, Haseo confronts him at the beginning of the game only to be restored to level one and have to start all over again with new friends.

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9 Tales Of Berseria

Tales of Berseria takes place in the same world of Tales of Zestiria, just set in the past. The game follows Velvet Crow and her team as she sets off to avenge her brother, who was sacrificed at the hands of her brother-in-law Artorius.

Velvet acquires a ship and begins to sail the world along with other wanted criminals Magilou and Rukuro. Along the way, the adventures must find out the truth of the now powerful Artorius's plan and face the demons of their past.

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8 Final Fantasy VII Remake

After over a decade of popularity Square Enix announced that they were going to remake Final Fantasy VII with even more content and better graphics. The first part of the series takes place in Midgar and introduces Cloud, a former soldier.

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The story starts with Cloud helping out eco-terrorists who are trying to sabotage power plants around the city. Cloud soon meets Aerith and gets deeply involved with the fate of Midgar and the planet.

7 Nights Of Azure Series

Nights of Azure is an action JRPG that takes place in a world where demons roam the night. The hero Arnice is sent on a mission to an island permanently covered in night to help sacrifice a saint that can seal the Nightlord.

When she arrives, she meets her love interest Lilyesse who is the maiden that is intended to be sacrificed. Arnice must fight through hordes of enemies while choosing whether to save Lilyesse or the world.

6 Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 is one of the most popular JRPGs to ever come out. The story follows Joker, a young student with the power to summon personas that were wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to Tokyo.

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With a mysterious app, he becomes the leader of the Phantom Thieves and is able to change the twisted minds of the adults around him. Persona 5 Royal is the extended edition of the regular games with hours of extra content.

5 Shining Resonance Refrain

Shining Resonance Refrain is a port of a Playstation 3 game previously only released in Japan. The story is about Yuma, a young boy who harbors the power of the Shining Dragon and who has the ability to save the world.

The series follows a familiar storyline about countries at war but really shines in its combat and unique dating system. For fans of classic RPGs, Shining Resonance combines the perfect elements together to create hours of enjoyment.

4 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

Dragon Quest is a series that has been around since the early days of gaming and is set in a high fantasy world with characters drawn by the famous Akira Toriyama. The game takes place in a kingdom flooded by monsters and follows the story of a hero chosen to help save the world.

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The game has a pretty straight forward plot and really shines when it comes to its art, character development, and fun battle system. This is one of the newest titles in the series and a perfect place to jump in for new fans.

3 Ni No Kuni Series

If you missed the first Ni No Kuni there is a remake, if you want the newer release then fear not as Ni No Kuni 2 has an entirely new story. The game improves upon the mechanics of the original and features gorgeous art and an entertaining story that players of all ages will love.

The game starts in a kingdom named Ding Dong Dell, where the main character Roland witnesses the start of an attack. Roland then sets out on a mission to establish an all-new kingdom where everyone can live peacefully.

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2 Monster Hunter World

For JRPG fans that love to grind and play with their friends, the Monster Hunter series has released its most popular game yet. Monster Hunter Worlds lets fans create a character and embark on a quest in mostly uncharted territory.

Fans can choose to follow the story of the game or go on dozens of hunts with your friends to make the perfect armor. The game has tons of missions that you can play through again and again to relieve the best fights.

1 NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is another JRPG that took the world by storm and introduced them to the world of androids. The story is broken up into three parts that can be experienced through the eyes of three different characters 2B, 9S, and A2.

You start the game playing as 2B in a war against machine lifeforms that have overtaken the world. Your mission is to eliminate them so that humanity can safely return to Earth and start over again, but all is not as it seems.

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